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Theta Healer

Milesa Merdanović

milesa merdanovic

Theta Healing® has appeared as the outgrowth of my 20-year quest for spirituality and a healthy lifestyle.

I was born in 1973 in Arandjelovac, Serbia (Europe). As a child, I had an interest in the existence of unusual things that are happening to people, that can be felt and seen like illnesses, assumed like quarrels or conflicts. In these situations, the reactions of a person after my nice words and consolation brought me the greatest joy and satisfaction. The guidance of my parents towards a medical school was helpful to me and met my need to point out help to other people, as well as to understand the human body. Working with newly-born babies and their families, as my choice of occupation, gave me an insight into the endless variety of adult people and those who will become human in such surroundings. Forming my own family, raising and educating my children, just added a new kind of emotion to my life.
Although I am a medical practitioner by profession, it has always been clear to me that conventional medicine is a fairly limited field. In the 1990's, getting acquainted with my husband brought me a wonderful friendship with Vesna Brankov, one of the first homeopaths in Serbia, and her husband, the exceptional macrobiotic practitioner, with whose selfless support I discovered a holistic approach to life, alternative ways of healing and preventing diseases. About ten years ago (2007) I found Chi Gong, learning this technique from top master Sasa Blagojevic. As I developed and spiritually grew, the diversity came in my life, as well. I met the Suniogi Umashankara from whom I learned the beneficial effects of Sun Yoga practice ...
When I encounted Theta Healing, I realized that my life path was a preparation to understand and properly apply this powerful technique in order to develop myself and help others, which was my goal when I went into the field of medicine since my early years.

I discover ThetaHealing® technique in 2009, and in January of the following year I completed the Basic DNA Seminar. My first motive for attending seminars was to correct my curved spine. It soon happened, and I no longer had the dilemma that Theta Healing is right "for me". I continued to perfect the practice of the technique, knowing the limitless possibilities that the technique provides. Thanks to Vianna who selflessly share her knowledge to everyone who is ready to receive it.


    Completed courses:
  • Basic DNA
  • Advanced DNA
  • Dig Deeper
  • DNA 3
  • Intuitive Anatomy
  • Manifesting & Abundance
  • Planes of Existence
  • Plant Seminar
  • Rhythm to a Perfect Weight
  • Soul Mate
  • World Relations
  • Forgiveness, Love & Power
  • Game of Life


Part of the lecture on Theta Healing® by Milesa Merdanovic, Belgrade, 2013.



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