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Theta Healing Session

What is a Theta Healing session

A Theta session involves a conversation between you and certified Theta healing® practitioner. Through this conversation about what you want to change in your life, your Theta practitioner will work with you to identify deep beliefs, feelings, blockages, trauma, your fears. The blocks in achieving goals or problems you face are often resulting in behavioral patterns, beliefs that we have assumed and which are deeply in the subconscious. These experiences have created a series of feelings and beliefs that serve us as a shield of people and bad situations, but also a shield against people or circumstances that do not present us a real danger. So, what happens within a theta healing session: Once the blocks are identified, they are released easily and quickly with the help of your practitioner, who works from the theta brainwave. With a help of Creator of All That Is, you will co-create the changes with the knowledge and feelings that you need to be satisfied, healthy, complete, successful.

During the treatment you are awake and consious, you are not hipnotized or in any other state of altered consciousness. Most clients experience it as a relaxing and liberating process. A session lasts for an hour and a half.

On the first consultation the practitioner will introduce you to basic information, both on Theta Healing, and on the treatment itself and will answer all your possible questions. For more details, see the answers to frequently asked questions about Theta Healing technique.

There are no conditions nor limitations to get involved in a theta treatment. Theta healing procedures are not limited to age, sex, religion, education. It's enough that you have decided and want to solve the difficulty or problem that is bothering you. If you are not able to physically get to the session, it is possible to work over long distances, online, via Skype, Viber or the phone.

Before you decide on a therapist who will work with you, our advice is to gather information about his/her competence, education, certificates and capability. Get to know your Theta Healing practitioner. It is a person who should always be there for you and who is actively involved in your progress.

Make sure you choose the best for yourself!
If you're still undecided, before scheduling the Theta session with me, you can join the guided meditations that I lead each Wednesday in Belgrade. Come get to meet each other and let yourself have the freedom of choice!


For more information, you can reach me out via phone, Viber or Skype: +381607070167

Our local time zone is CET (UTC +1), Belgrade, Serbia. Central European Time.

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