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Theta Healing® is a powerful technique used to change the limiting belief system which will help you to create the life you want. The technique was developed by Vianna Stibal, and these courses will teach you the same methods that she used to cure her cancer. Seminars are extremely useful, informative and entertaining with lots of practical experience!

The Theta seminars listed below are taught by instructor Milesa Merdanovic.

basic dna theta seminar


BASIC DNA THETA HEALING® SEMINAR: This three-day seminar will transform your life! When you become aware of the strengths of your thoughts and how to change them immediately, you will discover the incredible power laying in you. You will learn phenomically powerful, extremely simple techniques that will allow you to create life as you want it to be.

advanced dna theta seminar


ADVANCED DNA THETA HEALING® SEMINAR: Within this advanced course you will learn more about seven planes of existence and their rules, how to remove oaths, vows, obligations, and contracts that no longer serve us. Also, you will learn how to heal a broken soul, how to speed up and slow down the time, clear your mind from negative thoughts and free floating memories you may have gained during surgery, car accidents, abuse, and so on.

dig deeper course


DIG DEEPER THETA HEALING® SEMINAR: The Dig Deeper Seminar is a two-day course designed to help all Theta practitioners utilize the essential digging technique. After this course you will be able to help yourself and your clients to better understand their behaviors and lives.

soul mate course


SOUL MATE THETA HEALING® SEMINAR: This course goes more in-depth on clearing the beliefs and fears surrounding finding your soul mate.

manifesting and abundance theta course


MANIFESTING & ABUNDANCE THETA SEMINAR: Vianna's Theta Healing seminar Manifesting And Abundance teaches us how to draw abundance of all kinds and accept it with gratitude.

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